High quality light filtering glasses


Very welcome to Juniperus.  This is the place to come to when you have decided to enhance your sleep and by doing so feel and do better. Since you are here it seems you have.

My passion in life is helping others. With Juniperus I can achieve this and at the same time offer you what I couldn’t find myself, stylish light filitering glasses a.k.a. blue blocking glasses, so that you also can experience the rush of a good nights sleep and an optimal circadian rhythm.

From our base in Sweden we sell and deliver high quality light filtering glasses worldwide. Yes, we sell products, but our top priority will always be you and your wellbeing.

Feel free to join me in my quest for better health.

Martin Ehn, Founder of Juniperus

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Product features

Prescription or non-prescription, daytime or nighttime use, we provide glasses for every time and purpose.
Prescription and non-prescription.

Get the right kind of glasses for your eyes. In addition to non-prescription lenses, we offer readers, single vision and progressives.

Filters with different characteristics.

We have a filter for every time and purpose. Choose filter based on your personal situation and preference. That is, usage and light environment.

Stylish and timeless frames.

Our frames are stylish and timeless with a design that fit equally for all. We can also turn any frame of your choice into a pair of light filtering glasses.



Wearing light filtering glasses at the right time will enhance
your chances of a good nights sleep and a proper circadian rhythm.
Both these factors contribute to a number of health benefits including
but not limited to the ones listed below
Sleep Better

Wearing a pair of Juniperus glasses will help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed. Protect your eyes and take control over your circadian rhythm. 

Perform Better

Wearing a pair of Juniperus glasses will help you perform better both mentally and physically. Better sleep  will strengthen your memory and you will be more creative during the day.

Better Health

Wearing a pair of Juniperus glasses will assist you in reaching your health goals. Better sleep improves your overall health and will reduce your risk for disease both short term and long term.

Start your journey with us now