Very welcome to Juniperus.  This is the place to come to when you have decided to enhance your sleep and by doing so feel and do better. Since you are here it seems you have.

My passion in life is helping others. With Juniperus I can achieve this and at the same time offer you what I couldn’t find myself, stylish light filitering glasses a.k.a. blue blocking glasses,  so that you also can experience the rush of a good nights sleep and an optimal circadian rhythm.

Here att Juniperus we take pride in thinking differently. We believe in finding new solutions to problems. Juniperus is about helping you achieve your maximum potential. It is about helping you push the limits of what you believe is possible. This starts with a good nights sleep and an optimal circadian rhythm and this is what we deliver to you. 

By the way, we sell beautifully designed and stylish glasses that you really like to wear. This means that with Juniperus you don’t have to choose between a better health and being good looking, they both come in the same package. 

From our base in Sweden we sell and deliver high quality light filtering glasses worldwide. Yes, we sell products, but our top priority will always be you and your wellbeing.

Feel free to join me in my quest for better health.

Martin Ehn, Founder of Juniperus

Our Passion

We thrive helping others perform better at everything they do.

Our Mission

Get all humans experiencing the rush of a good nights sleep and an optimal circadian rhythm.

Our Essence

We are curious and solution oriented. Can’t find what your looking for. Try us, we will do our best to match your request.